Running sugaroid is easy as pie

Just execute

$ sugaroid

from the Terminal (Linux, Mac OS) and PowerShell (on Windows)

There are few arguments that can be passed to sugaroid

qt : Running sugaroid qt will start the sugaroid graphical user interface

audio : Running sugaroid audio will include audio support for sugaroid (Data charges may apply)

train: Running sugaroid train will start the sugaroid trainer, which you can use to train sugaroid for some responses

update : Running sugaroid update will clear the current database and train the new data and store it persistently to the configuration path as sugaroid.db . (See Configuration for more details)

To launch the sugaroid web server on any IP address, do a local clone of the package by

git clone https://github.com/srevinsaju/sugaroid-wsgi --depth=1
cd sugaroid-wsgi
python manage.py runserver

Follow the on-screen instructions to get it running on your web browser. If the command completed with a status OK, you should be able to see sugaroid running on