Sugaroid AI has become possible to millions of open source developers. Particularly to mention, I would like to thank @GuntherCox for the chatterbot library and @explosion for spaCy , the machine learning library with which it was possible to make natural language processing easy as pie. Also, the millions of word collection on en_core_web_sm, en_core_web_md was contributed by developers across the globe for translation and linguistic differentiation. Special thanks to contributors, Sreya Saju (aka @sreyasaju) and Joel Anil Chacko (aka @TheDarkDrake) for helping me document the missed parts, bug triaging and adding more responses, I would also like to thank, Sugar Labs 2019 GCI Team, Sashreek Magan (aka @smag), Andrea Gonzales (aka @andreagon), Zakiyah Hasanah (aka @kiy4h), Rishikesh Joshi (aka @Creatune), Szymon (aka @sdziuda) and Marcus Chong (aka @pidddgy) for continuous testing on servers and reporting bugs. It is only possible to rectify bugs with the help of repeated testing. I would also like to thank friends and family who also helped me to work on this project. Along with this, I would like to extend gratitude to Microsoft for sponsoring Sugaroid’s hosting on Azure.