Sugaroid saves some data to your PC. The path where sugaroid saves the data is ~/.config/sugaroid on Linux and Mac OS, but on Windows it is in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\sugaroid\

This is the training database used my sugaroid to answer your questions. Particularly related to sugaroid brain, the files are sugaroid.db and sugaroid.trainer.json

  • sugaroid.db : The Sugaroid bot uses SQLite to read data from a persistent database. Remove sugaroid.db will reset sugaroid’s brain, and a fresh database will be created from scratch

  • sugaroid.trainer.json : Is a JavaScript Object Notation file which stores trained responses in order to reset or retrain them whenever there is a necessity. This file may or may not be present in end user’s systems and depends solely on the type of release dev or stable

  • sugaroid_internal.db: A training dataset which learns from user input and accordingly saves them with low confidence. This data is later used to train sugaroid in future according to probability datasets

There might also be additional files in the configuration directory. These are Audio files, In the case that the audio keyword is passed as an argument, it creates samples of audio files downloaded from the Google server to serve TTS (Text to Speech) to the end user.