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IMPORTANT : Sugaroid is an open source software. The web server is deployed on Microsoft Azure. Your support for this open source software is highly necessary to make this project continued to be served on the world wide web. Consider being my patron to help Sugaroid host its servers or if you are willing to lend servers for Sugaroid, press the sponsor button and email me. Thanks. However, Sugaroid will always remain free forever :smile:


Sugaroid is a new Artificial Intelligence which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Machine Learning and neural networks to manipulate user input to provide a intuitive response. The AI is built on Python 3.8.2 and was built out of personal interest, to tackle three important issues in the Python framework

  • Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Database Management, Configuration file management and Web Development

Sugaroid Chatbot has a comprehensive and modular interface utilizing Object Oriented Programming to benefit activities of Sugarlabs, a non-profit educational organization. Initially built to serve as a companion bot, the Sugaroid Virtual Assistant helps to comprehend most of the messages, to generate a probable response. The future plans of sugaroid aims to extend Sugaroid as a documentation reader of which beta previews are still under testing.

The Sugaroid bot is deployed in production servers particularly for testing.